When you advertise on the Strauss Theater Center website, your ad is seen by a targeted demographic of people who are seeking information on theatre, shows topics, classes, and events. Our readership is comprised of individuals who view and buy consciously and actively search out the cultural arts businesses and products.  Your advertising dollars help to support the Strauss Theater Center’s many free community information services.


When you purchase ad space on our website, your ad will appear on many web pages at once, providing maximum exposure. Ads are located in the right-hand column of the following pages:
The Strauss Show pages & all individual event pages
The Strauss Center Blog & all individual blog post pages

The Strauss Center blog features shows, news, alerts, and tips from the Strauss Center. Readers visit the blog directly, and some subscribe to the RSS feed. The Strauss Center publishes a monthly electronic newsletter to over 5000 subscribers. Typically, the newsletter will include features that drive readers to the blog, where they can read articles in their entirety. The Strauss Center’s Facebook page also features articles that drive people to the blog for more content.

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Ad Type Dimensions Price

Homepage (TBD) $200 / month
Button Ad 300 x 150 pixels $40 / month
Square Ad 300 x 250 pixels $60 / month

We accept checks, Visa, and Mastercard.
Payment for ad must be received within five working days of ad launch.
Ad space must be reserved no less than seven working days prior to ad launch.
Ad artwork must be submitted to us four working days prior to ad launch.
Cancellation notice must be received three working days prior to ad launch.

Ad must be accompanied by a URL link that is active when submitted.
We accept GIF, JPG, Flash, or Flash video files.
File size limit is 25K for all ads.
Animated .gifs must stop looping after three rotations.
Flash files must be clickTAG enabled.
Video ads may auto-play, but audio must be initiated by the user.


Advertisers must be aligned with the Strauss Theater Center’s mission. The Strauss Theater Center’s acceptance of any advertisement should not be considered an
endorsement of the product and/or service advertised or for the company that manufactures, distributes, or promotes such product or service. We decline any advertising that we believe is false, libelous, exploitative, or hateful. We reserve the right, at any time, to decline advertising copy.