Sanders Family Christmas Catering by Gator Girls – Delicious!

Hey folks, Bob Chambless here, Director of Sanders Family Christmas. We’ve been working very hard on this Smoke on the Mountain sequel and the cast has really become a very close family. We celebrated Thanksgiving together this past weekend with a Thanksgiving meal provided by the show caterer – Gator Girls. In fact, we got a chance to sample the exact food audience members will eat at this Dinner Theatre and let me tell you – best food I’ve had all holiday season! Check out this Down-Home Country Church Spread…..

Chicken & Dumplins – Awesome!
Hamburger Steak with onions & mushrooms – so so good
Lima Beans with Ham – this was my favorite thing… so well seasoned
Corn Casserole – very good
Black-eyed Peas – perfectly cooked
Mash Potatoes & Gravy – I had a tall stack
Garlic butter & herb angel hair pasta – our vegetarian option
Biscuits and Cornbread & Salad Bar– so good
Banana Pudding & Apple Pie – we all had to sample both and they were awesome

Seriously, if you want a ticket, you will not be able to buy one at the door! We will sell out this week. Order ONLINE or call Donna at 318-323-6681.

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