5 Questions with Terri Cunningham

In this week’s 5 questions, we spoke with Strauss veteran actor and director Terri Cunningham.

1.  What first drew you to the theatre?

I was on the junior high forensics team and got to watch play reading and play acting categories and was fascinated.  From that moment on, I knew what I wanted to do.

2. What type of theatre are you drawn to?

I wanted to do serious drama, but my professor kept nudging me towards comedies and musicals, and I found that I really loved that genre.  

3. What is your favorite show?

Favorite show I’ve been in: Company. Love the show and Stephen Sondheim. Favorite show I’ve seen: Well, the one I will always remember is Strauss’ version of GodspellHamilton and Something Rotten are close.

4.  Why Strauss?

I met Chris Ringham shortly after moving the Monroe and he reeled me in and gave me a purpose. I’ll always be grateful to him.  

5.  What’s the most absurd thing you’ve seen on stage?

Well, me. During a college production of A Little Night Music, I was accidentally left on stage (but behind a small partition) naked. No nightgown, just a robe sitting on the bed and open to the waist. So my stage hubby handed the robe to me and I sang an entire song while holding my robe closed at the chest. Always check your props, people!

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