Audition Announcements

A hand holds a skull. The words "William Shakespeare's Hamlet" is over it.Casting Call for 

Directed by Cathy Webb

Auditions for Hamlet are set for:

September 17 at 1:00pm-2:00pm

September 18 at 6:00-8:00 pm

September 19 at 6:00pm-8:00pm

Location:  Strauss Theatre Center on Lamy Lane in Monroe.

There are no restrictions in regards to casting. Choose a monologue below, feel free to be fluid in regards to age and gender.  For more information, text CA Studio at 318-516-3939.

At auditions:

  • Wear shoes and clothes you can move in for fight choreography.
  • Be prepared to deliver the memorized monologue onstage. 
  • Be prepared to take directions and new takes on the monologue chosen.
  • Be prepared to improvise movement, dialogue, and song at the director’s discretion.
  • Be prepared to cold-read scenes, onstage, with other actors. 


HAMLET Character List:


Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: The crown prince of Denmark who returns from the university in Wittenberg, Germany, to find his father dead, his mother married to the king’s brother Claudius, and Claudius newly self-crowned King.

Claudius, King of Denmark: Dead King Hamlet’s brother who has usurped the throne and married his sister-in-law.

Gertrude, Queen of Denmark: Prince Hamlet’s mother, King Hamlet’s widow, King Claudius’ wife.

The Ghost: Spirit of the late King Hamlet, condemned to walk the earth until his soul is cleansed of its sins.

Polonius: The elderly Lord Chamberlain, chief counselor to Claudius.

Horatio: A commoner, Horatio went to school with Hamlet and remains his loyal best friend.

Laertes: A student in Paris, Laertes is Polonius’ son and Ophelia’s brother; he returns from school because of King Hamlet’s death, leaves to go back to Paris, and then returns again after his own father’s murder.

Ophelia: Daughter of Polonius, sister of Laertes, Ophelia is beloved of Hamlet.

Rosencrantz  and Guildenstern: Classmates of Hamlet’s in Wittenberg. Claudius summons them to Elsinore to spy on Prince Hamlet.

Fortinbras: King of Norway, bound to avenge his father’s death by the Danes’ hands.

Osric: Affected courtier who plays a minor role as the King’s messenger and as umpire of the fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes.

Voltimand and Cornelius: Danish courtiers who are sent as ambassadors to the Court of Norway.

Marcellus and Barnardo: Danish officers on guard at the castle of Elsinore.

Francisco: Danish soldier on guard at the castle of Elsinore.

Reynaldo: Young man whom Polonius instructs and sends to Paris to observe and report on Laertes’ conduct.

Two Clowns (the Gravediggers) Two rustics who dig Ophelia’s grave.


Monologues for Audition workshop:



  • LORD POLONIUS (To Laertes, before he embarks)

Still here, Laertes? Go…now.; shame on you!

They are waiting for you.

There (kiss), take my blessing, but remember just these things…

Don’t say everything you think.

Be friendly, but not too friendly.

Don’t shake hands with every person who comes along.

Try not to get into a fight,

but if you’re in one,

make your opponent fear you.

Spend as much money as you can afford,

but not on anything fancy, rich, or gaudy.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be;

It will cost you your friend and your money.

But above all, to thine own self be true.

Then it follows, as the night follows the day,

that you will be true to others as well.


Goodbye; let my blessing make you take my advice.





So, all of you know how recently my dear brother, Hamlet passed

The memory is fresh and green.

It..what’s the word…befits us to grieve longer and for all of us to be writhing with woe.

Our queen, who was our sister…

the two of us have been devastated with grief, ourselves..

It could be said that the marriage was sad and the funeral was filled with a certain…joy.

You told us of some suit; what is’t, Laertes? 

We felt affirmed in our actions because all of you, in your better wisdoms, 

have freely gone along with this affair.

We thank you all! 

Now, Laertes, what’s your news…you have a request, I understand.



Aren’t you sweet, Hamlet, to continue mourning your father, old Hamlet.

But, you know, your father lost a father;

That father lost HIS  father.

To persevere in obstinate, what’s the word….condolement, 

It’s impious stubbornness; it’s unmanly.

(Challenging glances between Hamlet and Claudius. Then Claudius to all gathered.)

Let the world take note,

You,  dearest nephew, are to inherit the throne;

And I love you, more than the dearest father could love his son.




  • HAMLET (soliloquy, after promising to obey his mother)

O, that this too too solid flesh would melt

Thaw and resolve itself into a dew!

Or that God had not condemned suicide.

O God! God!

But two months dead: no, not so much, not even two:

Must I remember? Why mother would hold my father, desperate for his love

and yet, within a month–

Let me not think on it…

Frailty, thy name is woman!–

But my heart, my heart…breaks.. But I must hold my tongue.





Yes, that beast of incest and adultery,

He used the witchcraft of his wit, and traitorous gifts,–

To seduce to shameful lust!

My most seeming-virtuous queen.

I always slept in the afternoon

Your uncle sneaked in

And poured a vial of poison into my ear.

And so, as I slept, 

My brother stole my life, my crown, and my queen.

I was sent to death with all my sins still on my head.

If you care for your father, don’t let this stand.

But, however you attempt to get revenge,

Don’t allow your mind or soul

To contemplate harming your mother: leave her fate to God.

Goodbye now.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!

 Hamlet, remember me.





He took me by the wrist and held me tight;;

Then went to the length of all his arm;

And, with his other hand like so…on his brow,

He looked at my face as if he needed to draw it.

His look lingered and lingered.

At last,, breaking off,  he shook my arm. 

And, three times, nodded his head, up and down. 

He let out a sigh so pitiful and profound

As if it broke him to pieces 

And ended his being: after that, he let me go:

And, with his head over his shoulder, he walked away

He seem’d to find his way without looking away from me the whole time.

And, to the last, his eyes were on me.





There is a willow, grows across a brook,

Whose leaves are mirrored in the glassy stream;

She came there bringing fantastic garlands

crow-flowers,, nettles, daisies, and long purples

That common people call a grosser name, but 

Less vulgar people call dead men’s fingers:

There, on the bending branches, 

She climbed to hang her flowers, when her support failed

And she fell in the weeping brook. 

Her clothes spread wide;

And, mermaid-like, for awhile they kept her safe..

While she softly sang old tunes;

As if she didn’t realize her distress,

But not long after, 

her garments, heavy with water

Pull’d the poor wretch from her song 

To muddy death.





Not from Hamlet’s mouth even if

He were still alive to thank you:

He never ordered their deaths.

But since, so soon after these bloody events; 

You from Poland, and you from England,

Are here arrived, you must give the order that these bodies

Be placed high on a stage for public viewing.

Let me speak to the yet unknowing world

How these things came about. I will speak 

Of carnal, bloody, and unnatural acts,

Of accidental judgments, casual slaughters,

Of deaths put on by cunning and forced cause,

And, results

Fall’n on the inventors’ heads: all this can I

Truly deliver.



Ophelia, you’ve had too much of water

So I will not cry for you:

But crying is what humans do.

And we all follow our natures,

No matter the shame we feel for it.

I have fiery words that will break out

in an uncontrollable blaze,

But my foolish tears would drown them, still.


(to take his leave, gestures a goodbye)