Cast Spotlight – Glenn Williams (Igor)

Cast Spotlight – Glenn Williams (Igor)

Rehearsals for Young Frankenstein are going well. We’ve been working hard with Walter on choreography for the different dance numbers, including “Join the Family Business”, “Please Don’t Touch Me,” and “Transylvania Mania,” among others; and we have started working on blocking for the different scenes.
Greg Oden has also been working hard with us with the music. In the coming weeks we’ll start putting all the pieces together. Work has also started on the set. We are excited about the way things are going and we look forward to seeing it all come together. We think this will be a really fun show that will have our audiences dancing in their seats and roaring with laughter.

My character, Igor (pronounced “EYE-gor”), is the grandson of Victor von Frankenstein’s sidekick Igor (“EE-gor”) who wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of following in his grandfather’s footsteps, but he has to convince Victor’s very reluctant grandson Frederick, who has changed his name to “Fronkensteen” and wants nothing to do with his grandfather’s notorious legacy. Eventually, with the help of the beautiful Inga and the eccentric Frau Blucher, he is able to talk Frederick into “joining the family business” and creating a monster of his own. Ever loyal and eager, yet slightly inept, Igor’s attempt to procure a brain for Frederick’s monster goes awry and much chaos and hilarity ensues. Igor is a fun character to play and I can’t wait to introduce my take on the character to our audiences.

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