Rave Reviews for ‘Godspell’ at Strauss

We love hearing rave reviews from our fans, like this one that was posted on Instagram over the weekend. Thank you craftej for the kind words! We are glad you enjoyed the show!

If you didn’t get to see Godspell this past weekend, don’t worry; we still have 3 more shows this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm. Call 323-6681 or go online at StraussTC.com to reserve your tickets before they are all gone!

Emmanuel Capers in Godspell

I have been in a number of shows, but this one is quite different from them all. This show possesses artistic liberties that most shows do not. I think it’s definitely going to be an interesting treat. In my opinion, the music of Schwarts challenges us all to be aware and conscious of the part we play in this production. Get ready for some hip shakin, foot tapping, emotionally charging music.

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‘Godspell’ Cast & Crew

This amazing cast and crew have been working hard over the last couple of months to bring you a phenomenal show. Don’t miss Godspell: 2012 Revised Version at Strauss! Directed by Terri Cunningham and Bob Chambless. Call 318-323-6681 for tickets!

Director Update – Bob Chambless

The premiere of Strauss’ Godspell 2012 is just days away and we are all ready for you to see it. The story will engage and move you and the new musical arrangements from Stephen Swartz and Mike Holland are just amazing. Vocally, we’ve got an All-Star cast just full of talent and a band that is a good as any professional band anywhere. Our awesome Tech Team includes Scot Baronet, Jordan Alexander, Scott Henderson and Scott Frick. John Marsala has led our set construction with many volunteers like Kevin Allen, Mark Johnson, Chris Brock, Lynette Murphy and John Turner. Costume design by Gayle Frick and Lyn Hollier.

It’s my privilege to partner with Terri Cunningham as co-director alongside Megan Wilkens Choreographer, Jade Wheeler Assistant Director and Danielle Huddleston Stage Manager. This unique gathering of talent for this show will be memorable for years to come. Don’t miss it. Call Donna today and secure your tickets – 318-323-6681 or simply click this LINK and order online.

See you at Godspell!
Bob Chambless

Chrissy Gray in Godspell

My demanding schedule made my decision to audition for Godspell one of the most challenging, but not even a packed schedule could stop me from participating in this awesome production. It’s entertaining, comical at times, but mostly very serious. This play is more than the laughs we will receive… it’s more about the hearts that we will touch. It’s invaluable that the Godspell message resonate in the hearts of viewers. My favorite song in the production is “By my side.” I believe through song and characterization we bring alive the intimate, yet intricate parts of the crucifixion. Don’t just take my word for it, come see it!

Taylor Michiels

Taylor Michiels in Godspell

I am having a blast being a part of this dynamic show. Godspell’s message of community is relatable to everyone. I’m confident anyone seeing this show will laugh, cry, smile, think, and be inspired by the story because we’ve experienced every emotion imaginable during rehearsals. My favorite part of the show is the music because the song styles vary greatly and are challenging. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d give it to “Bless the Lord” because it’s catchy, energetic, and pure joy. Godspell has truly been a unique experience, and I am so thankful to be a part of this family of actors. It’s astounding how quickly we’ve bonded, and I’m confident that the audience will feel the love.

Schylar Danford-Berry in Godspell

My name is Schylar Danford-Berry and I am so excited to be a part of Godspell. I never really knew a lot about Godspell, but I fell in love with the music instantly and especially felt a real connection to Day By Day which I am so honored to be able to sing. It has been such incredible thing to be surrounded by so many talented and creative minds and having everyone create something together. This show is very unique. I have loved this journey of finding special moments on stage with my cast and becoming a family, not just on stage, but in life as well. This is an experience I will not forget.

Eddie Fountain in Godspell

Eddie is delighted to be a part of this wonderful production. The show of Godspell has such a great message of love, community, and family and will definitely leave people, in his opinion, feeling inspired. What Eddie loves the most about this show is how close, supportive, and connected the cast has become, and he enjoys coming to rehearsals every night seeing and working along side such wonderful and talented people.

Godspell Directors Update

The cast and staff had an epiphany of sorts last night during rehearsal. We are faced with the reality that we are a part of something so wonderful and so profound that we got all quite emotional.  Godspell feeds all the senses. We have two weeks to polish and tweak before sharing the message with our audiences. You will laugh. You will cry. You will be moved. Get your tickets now!

Terri Cunningham