Covid-19 Tips from Matt Wilkins

Hello Patrons of the Strauss! My name’s Matt Wilkins and I play Finch in the upcoming (yet delayed) show “How to Succeed”  I thought since we’re all hunkered down due to COVID-19, I’d share a few tips with you I learned from my book! 

Tip #1 
Be kind. Just because we have to practice social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t give a smile and say “hello”. Let’s keep the South’s well known hospitality alive during this time and treat everyone with respect and kindness.  

Tip #2 
Don’t fret. We’re Louisiana, home of the floods, hurricanes and Saints football. Which means, we’ve suffered much worse in the past than this virus. We’ll get through this and laugh about it over a basket of crawfish afterwards.  

Tip #3 
Share. Ever wanted to be center stage in the spotlight at Strauss? You can! Donate to the Food Bank. They need anything you can spare. I promise afterwards you’ll know what it feels like to be star.  

Tip #4 
Pray. For the sick, for the stressed and for peace of mind. It important not to forget we’re not the only ones going through this. Outside our state and outside our country, millions are dealing with the same issues as us. Pray for them all.  And finally… 

Tip #5 
Tell everyone to come see “How to Succeed” once life gets back to normal. I’ll be there to greet you at the door afterwards for a elbow tag, fist bump, handshake or a hug. Your choice.  See you by the red curtain soon! 

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