Disaster! Rehearsals Are Going Strong

Rehearsals for Disaster! are underway on our mainstage.  After a week of singing with music director Vickie Krutzer and a week of dancing with choreographer Scot Baronet, the cast has hit the stage to begin blocking Act 1.  Dance numbers, scene changes, and moving set pieces fill the first act, and director Megan Wilkins is leading the charge.  We’re confident that Disaster! will be anything but a disaster.

In this sneak peek, Chad (Ben McQuillin) flirts with a female passenger (Darian Hodge) while the other passengers enjoy a performance of the Bay City Rollers’ “Saturday Night” performed by Jackie Noelle (Emily Stogner).

Tickets for this show will be on sale soon, but you can still become a member TODAY!

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