Donations (old)


With the help of our members, volunteers, and business community, Strauss Theatre Center has grown from a small group of enthusiasts to a thriving arts outlet for all of Northeast Louisiana, regularly drawing participation from nearby areas of Arkansas and Mississippi.  We depend on the time and talents and donations of volunteers that support the arts. 


The cost of maintaining the facility and producing quality theatre; it takes money to survive. Ticket sales cover only a portion of our expenses, and we strive to make wise decisions as to expenditures.  Underlying it all are grants, sponsorships, and donations.  If you are not able to handle a grant or sponsorship, your donation of any amount is always appreciated.  Remember Strauss is a 501(c)3 organization and a contribution may be counted toward tax returns.


Strauss always keeps a “wish list” of needs for the theatre, some of which you might be interested in providing material items (Tools, Props, Office Equipment/Supplies, etc).  Call the Box Office at (318) 323-6681 for our current Wish List.


What better way to recognize or remember someone important to you than to make a donation in their name to an organization that shares so much magic and joy.  Contact the Box Office at (318) 323-6681 to arrange a memorial, an honorarium, or even an anonymous gift.

Strauss Theatre is a 501(c)3 organization.