Five Questions with Anita Breen

Today we asked 5 questions of Anita Breen, Strauss Theatre Center’s General Manager, Patron Member, and former performer.

1.  What first drew you to live theatre?

When I was a senior in High School, my class traveled to New York City and saw two Broadway Shows: My Fair Lady and Carnival (the original cast!). I was mesmerized. Ever since, I have been totally consumed by theatre.

2.  What type of theatre are you drawn to?

A very well-done drama.  

3.  What is your all-time favorite show?

Carnival. Partly because if was my first. Also because it is a great show.

4.  Why Strauss Theatre?

The first show I ever saw at Strauss was Bye Bye Birdie (not long after my NYC trip) and couldn’t believe how well it was done! My first production to be in was My Fair Lady. Such a thrill! The Strauss family has done so much for the community and for the local theatre scene. The Monroe area is very fortunate to have benefited from their vision and their support. 

5.  What is the most absurd thing you’ve seen on stage?

I have two. The first one was a nude version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  I’ve wondered what Tennessee Williams would have thought of such a production. And the second one involves the late George Brian, long time professor and Strauss theatre director/actor, who became aware of an actress trying desperately to upstage him during a show. He took matters into his own hands and taught her a drama trick or two by standing upstage of her and continually zipping and unzipping his pants. No one upstages George Brian!

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