Five Questions with Jean Hartzog

In this week’s Five Questions, we sat down with Strauss veteran actress, Jean Hartzog.

1. What first drew you to live theatre?

My sister and I used to do elaborate productions in our big barn. Complete with scenery and costumes. Theatre became my major in college. It gives me such a complete feeling of accomplishment, despite the fact that it scares me a little, even now.

2.  What type of theatre are you drawn to?

While I’m a fan of musicals and comedies, I am drawn to theatre that is not frequently done. The old standards that have just been set aside. I enjoy seeing a new spin on an old show.  

3.  Why Strauss Theatre?

I feel a connection with Strauss — like an old friend.

4.  What is your all-time favorite show?

The Wizard of Oz. It’s everything that’s good with theatre. It has all the elements:  humor, sadness, good vs evil, hope, redemption. I love that show very much.

5.  What is the most absurd thing you’ve seen on stage?

During the production of Murder at the Howard Johnsons, all three of us forgot our lines at the very same time. We were panicked. None of us knew what to do. We just stood there, horrified, looking at each other helpless.  Finally, one of us screamed to the stage manager: LINE! He got his line and we all continued. I still have horrible dreams about being on stage and forgetting my lines!

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