“How to Succeed” Roles

Auditions this weekend for “How to Succeed” at Strauss! It’s a large cast and we would invite EVERYONE to attend Auditions and join the fun.

J.B. Biggley, Male Baritone
Rosemary Pilkington, Female Mezzo-Soprano
J. Pierrepont Finch, Male Tenor
Gatch, Male, Spoken
Bratt, Male Baritone
Miss Jones, Female Soprano
Mr. Twimble, Baritone
Wally Womper, Male Baritone
Smitty, Female Mezzo-Soprano, Alto
Hedy LaRue, Female Mezzo-Soprano
Bud Frump, Male Bass-Baritone
Miss Krumholtz, Female Mezzo-Soprano
Ovington, Male Spoken
Jenkins, Male Spoken
Tackaberry, Male Spoken
Peterson, Male Tenor, Baritone, Bass
Toynbee, Male Spoken
Matthews, Male Spoken
Johnson, Male Spoken
Davis, Male Spoken
Policeman, Scrubwomen (2)
Female Employees of the World Wide Wicket Corporation
are Ensemble and sing all parts

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