Meet Peyton Ballew of Disaster!

Peyton Ballew is 23 years old and currently living in West Monroe, Louisiana and may possibly be moving to Monroe soon.  His previous show experience at the Strauss consist of Mamma Mia! and A Christmas Carol in December 2020.  He is an active member of the community doing volunteer work and supporting his favorite organizations like the Biedenharn Museum and Gardens and the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo.  He is also a full-time local artist and currently a resident artist of the Sugar Gallery in Downtown Monroe. It has been a year since he has been on stage due to COVID 19 and he wanted to be back on stage. He started off
a bit rusty and thanks his fellow castmates and directors for guiding him once again, especially to Peyton Churchwell and Nathaniel Jeane for their help with choreography. This has been a
really fun show and he hopes you enjoy it.  Thanks for supporting the arts!

Come see Peyton in Disaster!.  Tickets for tonight’s final show are on sale now!

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