Meet the Cast: Asa Stone of ‘Million Dollar Quartet’

While this is Asa Stone‘s debut performance in theater, he is no stranger to the stage.  He has performed locally for the past six years with bands such as Jig the Alien, Astro Motel, and The Golddust Mannequins.  In Asa’s free time, he likes to write songs and play golf.  He also enjoys travelling and spending time with his girlfriend Lesley and his dog Leon.  Asa would like to thank his dad Scott Stone and director Josh Madden for getting him involved with this show and his family for their constant support.

Come see Asa as Elvis Presley in Million Dollar Quartet on October 15-18 at Kiroli Park in West Monroe. For tickets and information call Donna at the box office at 318-323-6681 or go online at

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