Meet The Cast: How To Succeed’s Matt Wilkins

Matt Wilkins

Matt Wilkins is a Velvet belt in chicken Foo. His cheer squad includes twin girls and a choreographer for a wife. He’s never been a lead in a musical and is thankful for such a talented cast, crew and director or his stage goose would be cooked. Truthfully, Matt watched the movie “How to Succeed” 13 years ago and was beguiled with the role of Finch. While this is in fact his first leading role, it is one he came prepared to play. Matt is a current board member at STC and chairman of our dinner theatre committee. He is a wonderful artist, director, playwright, and Glenn Williams’s biggest fan. 

Come see Matt as J. Pierrepont Finch in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying at Strauss Theatre Center! Call 318-323-6681 or go to to buy your tickets today!

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