Meet the Cast: Jackson Culp of “A Christmas Carol”

Jackson Culp is a national award-winning actor who has performed in over 40 stage productions within the last ten years. Recently, he starred in Lifespan of Fact as both John D’ Agata and Jim Fingal, The Groundling as Pete, Romeo and Juliet as Mercutio, and The Crucible as John Proctor. He is currently a junior at Louisiana Tech University.

Director’s Note: I’ve known Jackson since he was a kid and was thrilled when he first contacted me about being a part of this show. So much so, that I gave him two separate rolls to perform in! Over the years I’ve gotten to see his talent grow and I know it’s still just the beginning for what he can accomplish.

Watch Jackson as Young Scrooge & Old Joe in A Christmas Carol streaming December 21-January 1. For tickets and information, call Donna at the box office at 318-323-6681 or go online at

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