Meet the Cast: John Turner of “A Christmas Carol”

John Turner has been a drafter/designer for over 5 years for a couple local companies. He has been back with Strauss as backstage crew/special effects for 3 years now and is excited to be back on the stage in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. He is also involved in Shakespeare in Love and Merry Wives of West Windsor with CA Studios. He has been involved as backstage crew/special effects in Baskerville, Who’s in Bed with the Butler, Mamma Mia!, and other productions of Strauss. He has been in a few Shakespeare plays under Cathy Airhart in his teenage years including Much Ado About Nothing and The Tempest.

Director’s Note: John’s been a big help with building and moving the set around for the show as well as doing his part as a cast member. I’m thankful for his contributions both on and off the stage!

Watch John as Belle’s Husband in A Christmas Carol streaming December 21-January 1. For tickets and information, call Donna at the box office at 318-323-6681 or go online at

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