Meet the Cast: Stephen Paul Smith of ‘Million Dollar Quartet’

Originally from Wisner, Louisiana, Stephen Paul Smith was born into a family of musicians and began formal piano lessons at 8 years old.  At 13, he had begun to develop a “musical ear” and joined a 6-piece church band playing gospel songs in an upbeat rock ‘n’ roll fashion.  As Stephen Paul says, “Being just 28 miles from the home of the great Jerry Lee Lewis, you couldn’t call yourself a piano player unless you could play like Jerry Lee.”  Stephen Paul considers his portrayal of Jerry Lee a great privilege and yet also something that seems very natural considering their similarities in origins, religious backgrounds, and styles of performance.

Come see Stephen Paul as Jerry Lee Lewis in Million Dollar Quartet on October 15-18 at Kiroli Park in West Monroe. For tickets and information call Donna at the box office at 318-323-6681 or go online at

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