Meet the Crew: Michaela Harris of “A Christmas Carol”

Michaela Harris is a native to West Monroe and attended ULM where she received her Bachelor of Art in English Literature. She is planning to continue her studies in the Spring at ULM, attending the Master’s Program in English.

Michaela has been a long-time supporter and participant of Strauss and the theatrical arts. Her aunt, Sylvia Rusche, was also once a participant and, along with Michaela’s parents, continuously encourages her love for it. Michaela has played in The Music Man and Dinner at 8, Dead by Nine. She did makeup/costuming in Baskerville and is doing so again in A Christmas Carol. Michaela is a self-taught makeup artist and is continually growing her knowledge and talent, as well as doing digital art. When she isn’t helping at Strauss, she is working at River Cities Humane Society for Cats, fostering kittens, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and spending time with her family.

Director’s Note: Michaela isn’t just in charge of the make-up but has also been tasked to complete small projects here and there wherever needed. She created the “Scrooge and Marely” sign along with a few other things and does it with a willing heart. So much of this show could not be made possible without her.

Watch Michaela’s impeccable work in A Christmas Carol streaming December 21-January 1. For tickets and information, call Donna at the box office at 318-323-6681 or go online at

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