Meet the Director: Terri Cunningham of ‘Belles’

Terri Cunningham

Back in the Chris Ringham days, I was given a stack of scripts and asked my opinion of them. One that stood out was BELLES, by Mark Dunn. Six strong female characters. Six different sets. Sprinkles of humor amid a very serious subject: abuse. What a challenge it would be to stage such a show.  For whatever reasons, BELLES didn’t happen then. Fast forward to 2020 and the forced shutdown of Strauss Theatre. Several of us, led by board president Bob Chambless, were brainstorming ways we could continue presenting dramatic arts to the community, when I suddenly remembered BELLES. Why couldn’t we present it on ZOOM and record it for the membership? Six strong female characters. Six different sets. It just might work!

Due to the talent of many technically minded individuals, it shifted from a ZOOM venue to recording each character via cell phones. Individually. And then edit it all together. Well, things are never as easy as they seem. The project went through many transformations, but after three long days of filming followed by two long weeks of editing, we present to you the final product. A first ever for Strauss Theatre. And hopefully, many more will follow until we are again restored to a new sense of normal.

We ask you to go to our website: and click on Belles for information as to how to purchase a ticket, renew your membership or initiate your new membership. Or, call our box office at 318-323-6681 and Donna will gladly accommodate you. Non-membership tickets are just $15! Not a big price to pay for quality local entertainment!

A big thanks to board president Bob Chambless for his support and assistance. We couldn’t have gotten this far without him!

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