New 2019~20 – Little Women

The second show for our upcoming season is Little Women (Ravold). A dramatization in one set of Louisa M. Alcott’s novel, Little Women, a story that never will grow old for its treatment of a mother’s love for her children and their appreciation.

In its 151-year life, LITTLE WOMEN has stacked up a list of accomplishments that would undoubtedly surprise Louisa Mae Alcott.  I dare say that she would be incredulous to learn that her book has never been out of print during that time, has been the source for at least four movies, ten tv adaptations, a musical, a edition of dolls, and an opera. 

Earlier this year PBS ran a special version of the story, an off-Broadway production is being planned, another film version is planned, and Strauss Theatre Center is presenting John Ravold’s version of Alcott’s famous novel. 
Alcott was not excited when she was asked to write a “book for girls,” but quicky became intrigued and based it loosely on the only girls she really knew, her sisters.  She gives the March family, however, more of a sense of stability than she felt growing up in a family headed by a Transcendentalist father who really felt that working for a living did not fit in with his idealism. Consequently, the girls worked, were forced to move a number of times, and learned that they needed to learn to be independent. Suggestions have been made that it was perhaps a feeling about her father being responsible for the character of Mr. March playing such a small role in her novel.

LITTLE WOMEN has been studied from a number of viewpoint, most often in recent times by feminists.  Scholars cite references to the book in the works of many women writers, and a few male ones.  Ernest Hemingway was said to be an admirer, and Teddy Roosevelt was an unabashed admirer.  Some critics surmise that the book has been popular with men because it helps them understand women.
John Ravold’s adaptation of the classic novel is the vehicle by which Strauss brings Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy to life.
So come for any reason– understanding women, enjoying a classic story that still speaks to audiences 151 years after its creation, respecting the love and determination that a family has to prevail, not just survive.
Join Strauss this season–its 88th– for a series of works that will engage you, make you laugh, and maybe even sigh deeply at the playwright’s ability to examine the human experience.

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