Tammy Harper Sims in”Virginia Jones and the Curse of Nergal “

Tammy Harper Sims will play Virginia Jones!
Tammy’s middle name is “Dinner Theater” (which made for some awkward first days of school). She has been performing in local productions for over 30 years, both on the stage and in dinner theater. She loves the up close and personal feel of dinner theater and plans to perform at least another 30 years. When she isn’t acting she likes to sing karaoke and play Magic; The Gathering with her friends. She and her husband, Scott, enjoy traveling whenever they get the chance. She also loves spending any time she can with her daughter, Stephanie and her two Dalmatians, Max and Gracie.

Performances for “Virginia Jones and the Curse of Nergal” will be June 21, 22, 28, 29 at 6:30pm

This Dinner Theatre production is a separate offering from our season membership. Tickets can be purchased ONLINE or at our Box Office – 323-6681. Reserve your tickets today!

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