Sanders Family Christmas – Charmin’ & Toe-Tappin’

Some old-time religion is served up in the show Sanders Family Christmas. The setting is at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in the North Carolina Appalachians, the pastor, his girlfriend and members of the musically inclined Sanders family gather to sing carols, hymns and holiday tunes. They also pick, grin, tell stories and make you laugh!

The stories are charming and the toe-tapping songs beautifully sung. Even more impressive is the fact that the instruments are played onstage by the cast. Whether it’s the Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Stand-Up Bass, Harmonica, Fiddle or Dobro… you’ll experience great acting, singing and playing all from this cast.

You can secure your seats at 318-323-6681 or order ONLINE.
Don’t miss it. Sanders Family Christmas Dinner Theatre at Strauss.

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