The Cover of Life’s Aubri Skinner

The Cover of Life’s Aubri Skinner

I play Sybil Cliffert, who is one of my favorite roles I’ve ever played because of her complexity. When we first meet Sybil, she may seem a little one-dimensional, like a little bit of a stereotype, but I think Robinson chooses to present her that way on purpose.

He challenges those first impressions almost immediately. He is a brilliant writer, and he does a great job at gradually revealing Sybil’s different layers as we get to know her. There’s definitely more to her than initially meets the eye. The audience really gets to see her heart, and I am so thankful to be trusted to tell her story.
Being in this show has been an incredible experience, especially alongside this remarkable cast. I feel so lucky and humbled to be surrounded by such incredible talents. I think this show has touched us in a way that none of us really expected, which helped us develop a family-like dynamic very quickly. I could not be more grateful for this story and this experience.

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