Volunteers are our Lifeblood

Strauss Theatre depends on its volunteers for presenting a number of shows a year, and we are especially in need of volunteers to work in sound, lighting, and set and costume design and construction.  Don’t worry if you have not done just what the theatre needs; there are people who should be able to mentor you.  Call the theatre office at 323-6681 and let Donna know of your specific interest and talents.

Remember,  the theatre is people.  Many, many people have passed through the Strauss Theatre family, some for a short time, others come and stay.  Just walk in the kitchen on the north side and the walk through on the south side to see the “bricks” that celebrate many of those people.  Adding a brick to the wall would be a good way to honor someone for outstanding performances. 

We always have a lot of needs at Strauss.  Remember that the basic theatre facility was built in the early 1960’s and has had several additions built since that time— present lobby, workshop, costume rooms, etc.  Just think how much upkeep your house requires and then think of this old building with its add-ons, and realize something is always in need of work.

Whether it be acting, technical, carpentry, costumes, ushers, office workers….there’s a place for you.  Strauss is a great place to volunteer.  Come be a part of the community theatre!


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