What to precautions to expect during A Christmas Carol

Dear Friends,

We are fortunate to be able to produce our next show A CHRISTMAS CAROL in our theatre on Lamy Lane December 3, 4, 5 and 6. The show is a timeless treasure, and our cast and crew have worked very hard to present it to you. Because Louisiana is still in Phase 3 of reopening and Strauss is following the State Fire Marshal’s restrictions, please be prepared for a different theatre experience. All of this is to keep you, our staff, volunteers, cast, crew and other patrons as safe as is reasonably possible under our current circumstances.

This is new to all of us, so we wanted to let you know in advance what to expect so that things can run as smoothly and quickly as possible. We will try our best to accommodate all of our members during the run of the show, but please be patient with us as we work through these new restrictions for the first time together.

Because of social distancing requirements, we will greatly limit the number of seats we can fill in the theatre. When you make a reservation either online or by telephone to the theatre you will be given assigned seats. 

Upon arrival at the theatre, all guests will be required to remain in line on the covered sidewalk in a socially distanced manner. While there, guests will be directed to the COVID-19 DAILY SELF CHECKLIST (below). We hope you will also have reviewed it prior to coming to the theatre. If you answer positively to any of the questions you should not enter the theatre or attend the performance. 

From the time you arrive at the theatre until the time you leave the building MASKS PROPERLY WORN OVER THE NOSE AND MOUTH will be required of everyone. If you do not have a mask one will be provided to you. 

Upon entering the theatre, names will be checked against our seating chart and an usher will show you to your seats. No tickets will be issued, and no one will be allowed to remain or congregate in the lobby at any time. There will be no serving of food or drink in the building before, during or after the show, and outside food and drink will not be allowed. 

The play is less than two hours long and will be performed without an intermission. If you need to use the restroom at any time, you may do so. Only one person will be allowed in the restrooms at a time, so please wait outside the restroom if it is already occupied. 

At the conclusion of the performance (which we think you will enjoy very much), ushers will direct you from your seats row by row, and you should leave the theatre in a socially distanced manner. There will be no congregating in the lobby and the cast will not be present in the lobby.

All areas of the theatre building will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each performance. All air conditioner filters were recently changed. 

We believe the performing arts are very important, and are grateful we have the opportunity to produce this show for you. We apologize for these restrictions, but they are required by the Fire Marshal if we are to produce this play in the theatre. And, of course, they are for your protection.

We hope you will plan to attend A CHRISTMAS CAROL.  Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL reminds us of the spirit of Christmas in its 177 year-old story. From a cruel-hearted quintessential miser to the loving uncle and citizen of the city—thanks to Marley’s efforts and the influence of the three Ghosts of Christmas-Past, Present and Future, your heart will be touched by Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit and the entire community of people who help Scrooge find his heart. The production features Phillip Brooks as Scrooge and young artists from Geneva Academy. Strauss Theatre veteran Matt Wilkins directs.

Please call 318-323-6681 or go to www.strausstc.com to make your reservations. The show will also be videoed and made available to our members online. If you would like to receive information on how to see the show in that format, please call the box office or email Donna Branson at boxofficemanager@strausstheatre.com

Thank you for your patronage of Strauss Theatre Center. You are helping make our 89th season possible. Together we will get through these difficult times and look forward to our 90th

Very sincerely,