Who’s in Bed with the Butler, a comedic play by Michael Parker, is a funny story of the very complicated love life of a butler named Clifton.

A California billionaire bequeaths nearly all his assets to his only daughter, Constance, except what he left for his three lovers. Hilarity erupts as Constance arrives at her father’s mansion to discover that his cars, yacht, and art collection have disappeared. The elderly, deaf housekeeper has a pet rat, and the butler has hired an actress to play his wife? Is the butler behind all the shenanigans? “Who’s In Bed With the Butler?” is one of the best American farces!

Who’s in Bed with the Butler was presented by Strauss Theatre Center
January 31  February 1, 2, 3, 8, 9  2019.
Director – Terri Cunningham

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The cast for Who’s in Bed With the Butler?
    Phillip Sheridan…..The Butler
    Jessalyn Poret…..Agnes
    Moira O’Connor…..Susie
    Kelly Aaen…..Constance
    Matt Wilkins…..Roy Vance
    Glenn Williams…..Wm Davis, Jr.
    Taylor Nelson…..Josephine, Renee, Marjorie
    Jade Wheeler…..The Nurse
    Belford Carver…..Mr. Olden


“Excellent physical comedy. Truly remarkable characters.”
– Woodland Daily Demoncrat

“Full of laughs and mile-a-minute dialogue. The hilarity builds. Whoever comes to see this play needs to bring lots of Kleenex for the tears of laughter.”
– The Winchester Press

“Innuendoes, one-liners and jokes abound. The first performance was well attended, but the following day the phones were ringing off the hook with people calling to buy tickets.”
– The Daily Democrat

“You’ll find your head agreeably spinning with all the comings and goings. Sometime during Act II, an older woman in the audience seated near this reviewer found it necessary to ask her companion, ‘So, there’s still a naked lady in the closet, right?'”
– The News Guard