Young Frankenstein Director Update – Walter Allen

Rehearsals are going extremely well for Young Frankenstein! We have almost completed the choreography for all of our big musical numbers, and Greg Oden is working hard with the principles and ensemble to polish up the vocals throughout the show.

I have to say that this cast is an outstanding cast to work with. They are excited about the production, excited to try something a little different and new, and have never backed down from any of the challenging movement or vocals that we have thrown at them. My assistant director, Megan Wilkins, has also been a dream to work with. She is constantly there reviewing choreography and assisting our actors in learning anything that they might have missed due to a rehearsal conflict.

This show is so interesting because while it does stay true to the classic movie, it has been infused with a modernity that makes it still feel fresh and exciting. As a cast, we have decided that we very much want to honor the classic bits that were created in the movie, but that we also want to allow for the freedom to develop our own interpretations of character, comedy, and movement. 

All in all, I think we are in a good place, and we are going to have an entertaining, albeit ridiculous and irreverent, opening production for the season.

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