Murder at Cafe’ Noir Cast

Director Matt Wilkins has announced the cast for the interactive murder dinner theatre scheduled for Nov 8-10 and rehearsals are in progress.  MURDER AT THE CAFÉ NOIR takes us back to the time of the famed detectives brought to life on the screen by the likes of Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchem.

Set on the hidden island called Mustique in a seedy bar called the Café Noir, we encounter Rick Archer, a hard-boiled detective who has always thought of himself in terms of Humphrey Bogart. Playing that role is Eddie Fountain; those who saw “Sister Act” will remember him as the police detective who for one short time was as cool as John Travolta.   Rick has been sent to find and retrieve a curvaceous runaway Sheila, who is  played by Shonice Jeaney, who was one of the fantastic bar singers in “Sister Act.” She has taken refuge at the seedy bar, and  turns out to be the last person to have seen the mysterious owner of the bar alive. 
Danielle Huddleston plays Madam Toreau, who manages the bar where various, shall we say shady, characters hang out.  They all seem to have a secret they want kept, but the dead bar owner appears to have discovered and noted some of the secrets in his files, undoubtedly the reason for the owner’s murder.
Rick sets out to find the killer, who could be any of the shady denizens of the bar: the shyster British attorney Gutterman, played by Jace Casio; Maria, the voodoo priestess, played by Schylar Berry; Cairo, the blackmarketer, played by Jared Trichel.  Then we have a gun runner, Thursby; a Dutch blackmailer; and Rigfiels, a British cop– all played by triple-threat Troy Wold, who was a priest in his latest stage outing–in “Sister Act.”  
It is up to Rick to find the killer, but since this is interactive/ audience theatre, he gets help from the diners, who are all treated as customers at the Café Noir, so we do have some idea of what might have happened.  Audience voting plays a part in helping the detective fashion his path to finding the killer, and these decisions can change the flow of this comic tribute to the Bogart era. 
The courses of Pat Nolan’s dinner with wine and beer are interwoven with the structure of the play.  Plan to be in place no later than 6:30 for “Murder at the Café Noir.”  Call Strauss boxoffice at 323-6681 for Tickets for Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, Nov 8-10.

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