The Cover of Life’s Mitzi Quinn

Ronn Robinson was a very talented writer who knew and wrote about Southern women so they are easily recognizable in any small southern town. I feel his message of strength and courage are very applicable in today’s society.
When I played Tood, I thought she was incredibly resilient. Playing Aunt Ola is entirely different because Aunt Ola in not searching for a future, she has made her life choices.  She finds humor in life, often at her own expense. She is a strong and giving woman who has never before questioned her place.  When Kate appears, Aunt Ola begins to realize that change is not a bad thing. For her entire life, Aunt Ola has been the peacemaker. She has given and given of herself only to realize the role she has played in the tragic events that take place.   She deals with the fact that she might have changed things, but instead, she did nothing. Her vulnerability, strength, frustration, resolve and fragility make her a complex character to portray on the stage. Ronn Robinson left a true legacy about Southern women and their strength and courage, and I have been lucky enough to enjoy being a part of it twice.

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