You’re the “Private Eye” for Murder at Cafe’ Noir

Get ready to go back to the days of the tough private eyes of the forties– think Bogart, think Robert Mitchum (might be a bit harder), a time when men were men, and women were . . .Lauren Bacall.  ( I met the legend once in her later years, and she still had it–whatever it was.)
MURDER AT CAFÉ NOIR is a spoof on the whole genre of the noir films many grew up on, and some still see on Turner Classic Movies.  Here we have a detective who wants to be the tough guy– just doesn’t quite touch it. He is surrounded on this strange island by a group of shady characters who hang out at the Café Noir, or rather take shelter there.  They all have secrets they hope stay secrets, but it seems that the owner of the hotel/bar knows a lot of them and probably has them written down– possibly on 3 x 5 cards locked away in his safe.
The problem is that the owner has just been found murdered. Who did it and did the murderer make away with the secrets, maybe on 3 x 5 cards?  Rick, our detective who is on site to find a runaway heiress, gets involved in solving the crime.
This play being an interactive murder mystery dinner theatre, the audience, seen as the other customers at the Café Noir– hopefully the ones without secrets– is called upon to help the detective solve the crime.  The evening solves another problem—dinner or a show?
MURDER AT THE CAFÉ NOIR provides both.  Call Strauss at 323-6681 for tickets.

Volunteers are our Lifeblood

Strauss Theatre depends on its volunteers for presenting a number of shows a year, and we are especially in need of volunteers to work in sound, lighting, and set and costume design and construction.  Don’t worry if you have not done just what the theatre needs; there are people who should be able to mentor you.  Call the theatre office at 323-6681 and let Donna know of your specific interest and talents.

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Meet Donna Branson – Our Box Office manager

She’s the ever-present face and voice of Strauss Theatre.  Donna Branson has been our Box Office Manager for the past ten years. If you’ve called the theatre, most likely you’ve spoken to her.  Dropped by for tickets?  It’s likely Donna helped you.  Along with her trusty team of volunteers, Donna keeps our box office working like a well-oiled machine.  It’s takes a lot to accomplish that!  And she always does it with a smile and kind word.  When asked about her favorite part of the job, she said “So many favorites, but mostly working with people and helping them any way I can”.

Call the box office and talk to Donna at 318-323-6681.  She’ll be glad to book your tickets to our next show, or help you with your season membership!

Cottonland Christmas Auditions – Oct 21st 3pm – 5pm

Strauss is excited to begin auditions for our 2018 Cottonland Christmas presentation; Christmas on the River-Celebrations across Louisiana to be performed on December 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th at Strauss Theatre Center.
Auditions will be held Sunday, October 21st from 3pm – 6pm.  We are looking for singers and dancers.  Auditions are very causal and will be located at the theatre.

Christmas on the River – Celebrations across Louisiana
Everybody celebrates Christmas, but in Louisiana, Christmas is a colorful, diverse and unique celebration.  Up and down the highways and byways of our state, the people of our state gather around rivers, bayous and lakes to celebrate Christmas in many cultural ways with wonderful variety.  Our 2018 Cottonland Christmas presentation will highlight the diversity of our state as we travel up the rivers of our state celebrating Christmas Louisiana-style.

The Cover of Life’s Mitzi Quinn

Ronn Robinson was a very talented writer who knew and wrote about Southern women so they are easily recognizable in any small southern town. I feel his message of strength and courage are very applicable in today’s society.
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Playwright’s Mother’s Past Inspired “Life”

Playwright’s Mother’s Past Inspired “Life”
Article Excerpt from The Hartford Courant, April 09, 1993|By FRANK RIZZO; Courant Staff Writer


Sometimes the best stories in life are found in your own living room.That’s what R.T. Robinson discovered when he decided to write the play that eventually became “The Cover of Life.”

After years of struggling as an actor and musical writer, Robinson decided in the late ’80s to write a play “about what I knew about and about what mattered.”  So he looked at his own family and focused on his mother’s life in 1943, when she and two other sisters-in-law all lived with their mother-in-law in Louisiana while their three husbands were in the service. In the play, a reporter for Life magazine visits to write a cover story on the women.

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The Cover of Life

We’re praying you have seen this show!  Amazing cast and an amazing local story.
Limited tickets available for the final weekend of The Cover of Life.
Call Strauss Box Office at 318-323-6681.

The Cover of Life

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Only 2 shows left!  Call Donna at the Strauss Box Office – 319-323-6681.